Provincetown gardens

For our summer vacation were able to sneak in and out of Cape Cod for the hottest week of the summer–between the death of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the arrival of Hurricane Bill, Hurricane Obama and death of Sen. Ted Kennedy. While there, we did get into Provincetown, way out on the tip of the Cape, for a day. It's a pretty little town of jam-packed homes & businesses separated by narrow, creative-looking gardens. Their gardens are a great mix of everything from hokey to handsome. It was the day before their Gay Pride day (good timing on our part again), so the town was all a twitter and being decorated in anticipation for what looked to be a very colorful party. Here's some of what we saw, peeking over & around fences.

Not often having back yards, they make the most of front yards.

I've seen wagons planted before, but it was the placement in front of the steps, middle of their walk, that struck me as odd. Oh, and the rocks.

These flowers were as big as a hub cap.

A lot of work trimming to such an odd shape. Maybe they're working on getting it into a heart shape?

The store, Wa. I'll be posting on their gardens in back of the store in the near future.

Liked the relief sculpture of buildings carved into the stairwell.

Awesome fence of metal flowers. Matched their light poles around the restaurant tables.

Another front garden with seating. Good karma when your awning fabric matches your furniture fabric.

Pretty use of a narrow space.

Great looking plantings looking very "Cape Cod-like."

Couldn't resist.


  1. I'm thinking the little red wagon across the walk in front of the steps was a mute sign that the steps was not the desired entry, or were not to be climbed for some other reason.

    The stones may be a nod to the stones placed on paths to a tea house also to indicate, 'no entry at this time' -- what do you think?

  2. Hey Jim! Glad to see you are relaxing a bit apres the Garden Walk! Thanks for bringing us along with you on your stroll through Provincetown! It looks exactly like I would imagine! Beautiful cedar shake architecture with bright big beautiful flowers! Oh, I wish I could have a garden like that. It's amazing what cool nights can do for a garden!

  3. What a delightful post. Now I don't have to travel to Cape Cod to see the gardens. Luved the wagon across the walkway. The metal flower fence, liked that, too. Glad I came by for a visit today.

  4. Nell jean,
    I didn't know about stones on paths to tea houses and what it implied. Maybe I can pile stones in front of my office door when I don't want to be disturbed.

    Relaxing didn't last too long. We're planning a party for the gardeners, complete with a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House for more than 200 people. Wish us luck.

    You still have to travel to Cape Cod to see the gardens at some point. Nothins' like bein' there.


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