More Garden Walk press, this time with me

Here's another article that appeared in the Buffalo News on the first day of Garden Walk.

Yup. That's me walking in front of Ellie's garden in on Summer Street in the Cottage District. You can see more of Ellie's garden here.

Also, on the picture page of the newspaper, this photo of blurry me with blurry Bunny appeared with this in-focus Asian lily. You can see more about Bunny's garden here.

I tried to get Ellie to come out of the house to get a gardener's photo in their garden. But Ellie was being demure, or obstinate, I'm not sure which. With the lack of a gardener, News photographer Bill Wippert shot me walking by a garden that is not mine. My wife says she'd recognize that walk anywhere. This is a charming little street of Civil War-era cottages. I used to live on this street in the late '80s, early '90s.

The link to the article is here. It was mainly announcing the fact that the Walk was to take place rain or shine. When asked by the reporter, "What if it rained?" my response was,“Yeah, well what are you gonna do?” the president of the garden group shrugged. “We figure, it’s gardeners. Unless it’s a deluge, gardeners will be out...rain or shine.”


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