Apple & pumpkin-picking picnic

Saturday had us off to Blackman Farms for our annual apple-picking and picnic in the orchard. It was perfect weather for a picnic. We picked two bags of Mcoun apples and picked up a dozen Bosc pears.

If you're on their list, they email AND snailmail you when your favorite apples are ripe for the picking. All this for the low, low price of $.50 a pound.

There's a few "things" for kids. A petting pen of goats, a small maze for little tots, and plenty of pumpkins for perusing.

They even have a turkey pen, where you can choose a turkey, give it a name, like "Tom." Then you come back the week of Thanksgiving pick up "Tom" and eat him with side dishes with your family. We haven't done that–we're never at home for Thanksgiving and don't want the hour-and-twenty-minute drive round trip the week of Thanksgiving, which is hectic enough.


  1. Great way to spend a couple of fall days apple picking & picnicing & neighbourhood walks - great homes - I'm always pleased to see people honour the architecture and coddle these lovely old gems. Perhaps with the way things are going in the economy there will be less razing of homes and more fixing! I'm more apt to put in a cedar fence to have it go grey - but that yellow fence does make a lovely backdrop to the garden.


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