Garden Tour Video - like being there but not as much.

Here's another YouTube Video I found, created by NoPointNLying, an obvious Garden Walk fan. He/she got around - the Cottage District, Kleinhans area, Linwood and many other spots.

They write, "Here's my own experience at the best gardenwalk in the country and it's only a small snippet of the great little treasures you find. This year I went on the very lower West Side off Huron and along Prospect Ave."

For other videos of Garden Walk Buffalo, visit:
Garden Tour Video- kinda' sorta like being there. Almost. In a way.
My Garden on TV. I wasn't expecting that.
It's Garden Walk Time!


  1. This was lovely -- what gorgeous homes!

  2. Buffalo is blessed with a startlingly large amount of spectacular homes. The city was booming after the finish of the Erie Canal–right up to about 1900 - when it was the eighth largest city in the country, spitting out two presidents & titans of industries. There just happen to be the right confluence of money, skilled tradesman, laborers, natural resources and creativity that made for decades of growth and great urban architecture.


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