Garden tour video - kinda' sorta like being there. Almost. In a way.

Here's a nice little video/interview I found on Garden Walk Buffalo by Brian Zabka. It covers a few of the gardens in the Cottage District of Buffalo, a beautiful area of Civil War-era small cottages and one of the most popular areas of the Walk.

I rented the green house shown at :34 seconds into the video in the late '80s and early '90s. It looked nothing like it does now though. It was a rental and I wasn't "into" gardening at the time.

Here come the bus.
You can also see a quick shot of the Arbordale Nurseries/Garden Walk Buffalo free hop-on/hop-off shuttle bus that did a half-hour loop of a portion of the Walk. It's big, green and has no roof! The bus organizer tell us that the bus was at capacity both afternoons and groups of people walking along our main commercial drag, Elmwood Avenue, were waving and cheering to the riders on the bus. gardeners are such upbeat, pleasant people. And it didn't rain - that's good when you have a bus with no top.


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