Look, up in the air...

If your balcony faced directly into, and at eye level with, the tens of thousands of tourists that walk down the Spanish Steps in Rome each day, wouldn't you too have a screen like this? There were people sitting on this balcony when we went by, but you wouldn't know it. Now, if it were only soundproof...


  1. I can imagine a little water fountain back there to mask the sound.

  2. ooh, this is wonderful idea how to have some privacy on the balcony in the city... thanks for sharing...

  3. That is just sooooo beautiful. Right now I wish I only had a balcony to deal with, feeing seriously overwhelmed with my garden. So I'm ignoring it and trying to get reinspired/remotivated by reading all the blogs I've been not-so-faithfully reading during my summer of discontent. Missed seeing your smiling face and dapper hat, and of course your wonderful thoughtful posts.

  4. mother nature,
    A little water fountain, a wave sound machine and loud music might keep the noise out. It was half-way up the steps that literally tens of thousands of people traverse constantly.

    I don't know what kind of vine it is. I do wonder if it loses its leaves in the cooler months.

    Playing catch-up, huh? That can take up a a lot of time. And you missed my face & hat? You've really been out of it, haven't you?


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