The view from the kitchen window (OR, That friggin' squirrel taunts us so.)

Here's the view out the kitchen window of the Harry Potter garden & morning glory vines (we call Devils' Snare) overtaking the playground.

Looks innocent enough, but below is a detail.

Damn squirrel. Picking tomatoes is a delicately-timed balance of leaving the tomato on the vine long enough to ripen, but picked before the squirrel(s) have their chance to pick it first. (I'm sure they're thinking it's a delicately-timed balance of letting it ripe before the humans living in the big box get a chance to pick it first.)

Part of his strategy, obviously, is to leave the half-eaten tomato perfectly placed, in direct eye line from my kitchen sink–to prod, infuriate, embarrass, humiliate, discourage, and ultimately break my spirit–thus having me withdraw from this petty game of gardener vs. nature.

All I see is the wasted opportunity for a BLT. Although for each tomato stolen, the thought of a Squirrel Lettuce and Tomato (SLT) sandwich is sounding better.

This round, he won.


  1. He is toying with you, devious devil.

  2. Those little buggers... hope he left a few for you! I hate how they take a few nibbles and leave the rest to rot. I caught one red-handed, ruining all my sunflowers (breaking their necks and otherwise destroying them):
    - Karen

  3. They are pesky, destructive little critters! I hope you get enough for a few BLT sandwiches...sans squirrel!

  4. frances,
    Yes. The devil. That's what he is - a devil in a fur coat.

    They've actually not been as bad this year as they have in the past. Greenwalks is a great site by the way, I've added it to my "blogs I read" column on the right.

    I've gotten my share of BLTs. But I feel guilty with the death of a pig over me, as opposed to my mortal enemy, squirrel. No pig has ever done me wrong, not even one in lipstick.

  5. your tale is both hilarious and infuriating. squirrels really do leave their nibblings in the sightlines of gardeners everywhere. I have given up all hope of ever seeing a tulip in my garden and all thanks to voracious squirrels.

  6. o.i.m.,
    So it's ALL squirrels that taunt like this? Its not just mine? It's a conspiracy?

    Are they informing each other through the phone lines they use as a highway do you think? Or do you think they're more of a loose-knit Al-Queda type of organization – with no communication and little affiliation but same ultimate goals?

  7. Oh my, Jim...taunting indeed! I think you and your daughter may need to look into adding some squirrelbane to the Harry Potter garden. Oh, wait...there isn't such a thing? Well, there should be!


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