Garden Blogger Bloom Day at the Botanical Gardens

The other day I had to pick something up from the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens. (I know, it's a mouthful, but fortunately, their web address is easier to remember - Since I was there, and actually happened to have remembered to take my camera, I took a quick spin around. They have more in bloom than I do.

The park in which the Botanical Gardens are located, was designed in 1894 by none other than Frederic Law Olmsted - landscape designer of Central Park, the Capital Mall in Washington D.C, Boston's "Elmerald Necklace," Yosemite Valley, Chicago's Riverside and Buffalo's parks, parkways and traffic circles.

The three-glass-domed conservatory was built in 1897 and designed by Lord & Burnham, based on the Crystal Palace and Kew Gardens Palm House in England. It's really a spectacular building.

It was really a quick walk through, I was already late for another stop I had to make. So I rushed by the topiary dinosaurs, the towering waterfall, the succulent room, the cacti room, the bromeliad garden, orchid garden and even whisked by the section with all the carnivorous plants - and I never do that.

The one take-away I did get though was this one tree that was part of the bonsai tree display - it's an English Ivy! I can even try that. And I just might.


  1. I should have to go to such places. :-) Thanks for taking a little extra time and sharing.

  2. I love the topiary dinosaur- I bet that is a big hit with the children.

  3. mother nature,
    I was there to pick up some applications to mail out to the gardeners on Garden Walk Buffalo (nearly 300!). The Botanical Gardens was offering a discount on membership to our gardeners.

    I didn't see any children around, so I assume the dinosaur ate them. One can only hope.


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