My Garden on TV. I wasn't expecting that.

More Garden Walk blathering, this time on television. THAT I expected, but I’d have cleaned up the yard a bit more had I known they wanted to shoot it so much! Usually there’s an establishing shot and then cut to photos/running footage. We did one take–about seven minutes–and I didn’t screw up once! All That Matters is a Time-Warner regionally-based talk show hosted by Peter Anderson. Thanks to Peter and crew for making this happen.


  1. JIM ! .. I have tried to get back to your site for some time and kept getting an error page which was driving me CRAZY !
    Finally found you again and watched your interview .. it was great ! I certainly would have been inspired to come on the garden walk if I was in the area.
    Glad to have found you again !
    PS .. your garden looks fantastic to me : )

  2. Sorry for the frustrations with my blog. Hopefully, that is all behind us now.

    I hope you can get here sometime for the Walk - you're not THAT far away!

  3. Hi Jim,

    I came here from Christopher's blog and enjoyed this interview so much! After Elizabeth blogged about the Buffalo Garden walk in 2006 we all wanted to go and glimpses like this make it ever more intriguing.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Well, normally you have to watch that Elizabeth, she's prone to intoxicated gardening exaggeration. But, in this case, I'm sure whatever she imparted about Garden Walk Buffalo is true.


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