Sensitive Plant Bloom

Anyone ever see this? I have a Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica), the carefully-deliberated plant choice of my ten-year-old daughter.

In our area, it's a house plant, but it loves being outside. It doubled in size this summer! I've only had one before, and it didn't last a month. I think we may be able to keep this one going. It did get these little tiny-pink-puff of a bloom on it this year. It looks like the speck of dust that Horton carries around, insisting the inhabitants of Whoville are in danger.

When touched, the leaves fold up immediately.

The Sensitive plant was a big hit during Garden Walk this year. We put it in my daughter's Harry Potter garden. Whenever board kids were dragged into the yard by parents or grandparents, rolling their eyes and wanting to be anywhere on earth–except a garden tour–we would bring them over to the Sensitive Plant and let them touch the leaves to watch them fold closed.

After a day of being told not to touch any plants, this was a welcome relief. Many kids came back to our yard, this time dragging their parents, either later in the day or the second day of the Walk to play with the plant again.


  1. Hi Jim, Hooray, your post showed up on blotanical instead of showing ERROR. That is funny but it makes sense for the popularity of the sensitive plant among the school age set. That is a noxious weed tree here, the roots go all the way to the center of the earth and it seeds in a promiscuous manner. The flowers are sweet however, we used to pick them and play make up movie star when we wer kids in OK.

  2. Well thanks for this info. It greatly adds to what I can tell people about the plant. Promiscuous, huh? I may have to save the seed heads and try more. There's nothing I like more than promiscuity.

    And roots to the center of the earth? That's way cool. I'm definitely going to tell kids that. You may have started something here, adding to the legend of the plant!

  3. Oh wow! I have never seen a sensitive plant flower - we had one for a while - the plant, but it never flowered - we killed it before it could that far. :) Found your blog via My Skinny Garden's blog brag post!

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment! I will add squirrel Chatter to my list. And, are you a graphic designer too?


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